Effect of a ballast water treatment system on survivorship of natural plankton community collected from the Jangmok bay

Effect of a ballast water treatment system on survivorship of natural plankton community collected from the Jangmok bay
강정훈; 신경순; 이우진; 현봉길; 강경화; 장민철; 장풍국; 이재도; 윤미란; 장만
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Kang, Jung Hoon(강정훈)Shin, Kyoungsoon(신경순)Hyun, Bonggil(현봉길)Jang, Pung Guk(장풍국)
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This study investigated the survivorship of natural plankton population in order to explore the biological efficacy of electrochemical reactor for approval of ballast water management systems. The biological efficacy test was carried out using the types of round and rectangular. Following the treatment of electrochemical reactor, the survivorship of planktonic zooplankton was assessed immediately through direct observations, while phytoplankton and bacteria survivorship were assessed by immediate observations through green filter and through 48h incubations. Under the condition of 75 ampere (NaOcl: 10 ppm) of round and rectangular types, dominant phytoplankton, Skeletonema costatum, Ceratium fusus, Thalassionema nitzschioides, turned from red into green after they passed the reactor, indicating no live chlorophyll-a remained. And no live E. coli and coliform bacteria were remained after being passed through the reactor. With respect to zooplankton, live copepods were not observed in the post-reactor samples. The remove efficiency of phytoplankton and copepods was up to 100% by using the electrochemical reactor. In contrast, cirripedia larvae showed the efficacy less than 10%, suggesting that 10ppm NaOCl was not effective concentration to the cirripedia larvae. However, this showed the instantaneous value, thus it will increased if the larvae is exposed continuously to the NaOCl in the tank during the extended period of cruise.
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사단법인 한국해양학회 2005년도 추계 학술발표대회 요약집, pp.261 - 265, 2005
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Biological oceanography,Zooplankton ecology,Introduction and dispersion of foreign species,생물해양학,동물플랑크톤 생리,생태,외래종 유입,확산

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