Experimental Investigation on Hydraulic Characteristics of Sluice Caisson for Tidal Power Plant

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dc.description.abstract The results of experimental investigation on the hydraulic characteristics of sluice caisson for tidal power plant are presented in this paper. The experiment was carried out for the 15 different sluice models with different widths, bottom heights, and lengths of the sluice throat section. By analyzing the experimental data, it was found that the water discharge generally increased by increasing the width of the throat section if the side shape of the sluice was the same. In addition, the water discharge increased by increasing the bottom height of the throat section to approximately 30 % of the throat section height, and also by reducing the length of the throat section as short as possible, -
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dc.title Experimental Investigation on Hydraulic Characteristics of Sluice Caisson for Tidal Power Plant -
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