Importance of the bottom cold-water mass as an over-summering refuge for Euphausia pacifica in the Yellow Sea

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dc.description.abstract Euphausia pacifica, known as a key species in the Yellow Sea, should utilize the bottom cold water mass (YSBCM: ≤ 10°C) as a refuge to survive through the hot summer (subsurface water temperature: > 25°C) because their upper tolerance level for water temperature is 15°C. However, no solid evidence has been reported yet to confirm this distribution. Therefore, we investigated their horizontal and vertical distribution using net and acoustic surveys during spring (YSBCM not formed) versus summer (YSBCM well developed) in 2010 and 2011. Even though the spatial distribution of E. pacifica showed interannual variation, eggs and gravid females generally predominated in spring with an active diel vertical migration over the whole water column. In summer, juveniles and adults were concentrated in the YSBCM of the central region with a limited diel vertical migration (below the thermocline). Furthermore, detailed profiles of the dietary lipid biomarkers and gut contents suggest that E. pacifica diet shifted from diatoms/dinoflagellates in the spring to microzooplankton such as protozoa in summer. These results suggest that E. pacifica may not only utilize the YSBCM as an over-summering site but also switch their diets to survive through the hot summer. -
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dc.title Importance of the bottom cold-water mass as an over-summering refuge for Euphausia pacifica in the Yellow Sea -
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