A Case Study of Earthquake Loss Estimation with Detailed Site Classification Map in Korea

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dc.description.abstract Earthquake loss estimation system help to obtain reliable estimates of seismic hazardand losses soon after occurrence of major earthquakes, to simulate earthquake scenarios, to provide useful estimates for local/federal officials and public services to propose their earthquake hazard mitigation plan, and to provide catastrophic risk management tool. Site classification map, one of inventory data for an earthquake loss estimation system, is crucial for reliable results. We constructed a site classification map ofthe Gyeongju, Pohang, Ulsan area in the southeastern Korea. Study area is characterized by complex site condition. It is then incorporated to the loss estimation system. We observe large differences between the results of loss estimation with and without detailed site information. Without the detail information, the estimated losses decrease with increased epicentral distances. With the detailed information, it is noted that Gyeongju area will experience large damage due to the short epicentral distance. It is also noticed that Pohang-nam-gu areas will experience greater loss than other areas. Located at an equivalent epicentral distance, Ulsan-dong-gu is expected to experience much smaller loss due to the site condition. -
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