Quantitative X-ray microanalysis as a method for measuring elemental composition in cyst walls of dinoflagellates

Quantitative X-ray microanalysis as a method for measuring elemental composition in cyst walls of dinoflagellates
LIZHUN; 윤주연; 김은송; 전슬기; 강병준; 신현호
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Youn, Joo Yeon(윤주연)Shin, Hyeon Ho(신현호)
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LIZHUN; 윤주연; 김은송; 전슬기; 강병준; 신현호
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Dinoflagellates constituted a large proportion of the planktonic biomass from marine to freshwater environments. Some species produced a preservable resting cyst (dinocyst) during the sexual phase of their life cycle that was an important link between the organisms, the environment in which their parent motile theca grew, and the sedimentary record. Despite their abundance and widespread usage as proxy indicators for environmental conditions, there was a lack of knowledge regarding the elemental composition of dinocyst wall. Here, unlike bulk analyses, we used Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) as a method to measure elemental composition (C, N, O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Mn and Fe) in individual dinocyst wall. Dinocysts were isolated, washed to remove the salt and briefly air-dried and immediately analyzed. EDS analysis demonstrated that the principal components of the dinocyst walls were C, N and O. Based on the relative concentration of elemental composition, three significantly different cyst wall compositions were observed that correspond to their morphological characteristics. Dinocyst walls of Calciperidinium, Ensiculifera and Scrippsiella cysts contained mainly Ca. The high relative concentration of S was found in organic-walled dinocysts. Both relative abundances of Ca and S was observed in microreticulate dinocyst of Gymnodinium catenatum. Our results indicated that EDS analysis was an accurate technique to determine the elemental composition of dinocyst wall and these dataset could be as a new way to understand dinoflagellate phylogeny.
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한국해양학회, pp.105, 2017
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